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Landscaping design is simpler than you might think! There’s no such thing as a bad plant choice - just bad placement of plants. Take full advantage of your space and the plants’ layout to make the most of your property. Ronny’s landscape design service is available by appointment only, and when our nursery is fully stocked, providing you with the best possible nursery selection.

There is a $50 per hour fee for our landscape design service. However, if you spend $300 on nursery stock the day your design is completed, your fee will be waived. Not ready to buy it all that day? Be sure to save your receipt! If you spend $300 on nursery stock within a year of your design’s completion, with your receipt showing the design fee charge, the fee will be deducted from your nursery total! With those waivers, landscape design services are basically FREE!

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Bulk Products


        Ronny’s Garden World has plenty to choose from when in search of bulk products. You can choose from 3 different varieties of mulch, 9 varieties of stone and more items available. Please take a look at the bulk product list to the right to see if we carry the one you are looking for. CALL NOW to discuss prices and WE DELIVER too! 1-800-798-3819

        Ronny’s also offers bagged products of these items too.